An Estimated 1.1 Billion Baby Boomers..?

What are we going to do, indeed? There are an estimated 1.1 billion Baby Boomers on this planet. Realising that they were born between 1946 and 1964, it’s plain to see that they are now reaching retirement age. What does that mean not just for the baby boomers generation, but also for the younger and even older generation?

Problems Ahead

Although the Boomers generation is believed to be one of the wealthiest, not all of them are that well off anymore.   When you take into consideration that many have lost heavily during the last financial crisis. It is easy to see that there will be lots of baby boomers that need financial assistance during their retirement.  Especially, as many still look after their ageing parents as well,  or after their adult children, in some cases even both.

The Next Challenge

And here comes another challenge, who is going to pay for their financial assistance?  The governments all over the world have less and less  money available for their ageing population. The only way to compensate for that lack is to increase taxes of course. But this is looking at the situation only from a negative point of view.

Now let us look at the positive side of things

As we all know there always is another side to everything and this one is no different. As an example, let’s look at the 50+ and 60+ Baby Boomers group. How much younger are they in their thinking, dress code, fitness, and looks, compared with their parents at that age? Many are still working far past their official retirement age. And not always because they have to,  but  because they want to. They feel able and capable and are still full of life,  they are thinking of the future, they see themselves growing 90 or even 100+ years old.

Still Working and Enjoying It

When they decide to workpast their retirement age, they don’t mean hard manual labour or struggling through long lines of traffic. It means doing things they enjoy, like working from home on their computer. They not only loving it but often making a modest living in the process. The internet has given so many people an opportunity they never had before in their life. It has become a level playing field for everyone.

cup and saucer of tea on table

Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Obviously, not everybody knows enough about computers or the internet to start running a business from home. But…and here comes another interesting phenomenon… it can all be learned from your computer. Don’t know how to do something? Google will answer all your questions even before you finish asking them.

A Few Random Facts..

Did you know –   that most internet entrepreneurs are to be found in the baby boomers generation?

Did you know –   that by learning a new skill at an older age,  you have less chance of getting Alzheimer Disease or Dementia?

Did you know –   that the saying “use it or lose it” applies just as much to your brain?

Did you know –   that you can improve your memory  a great deal, even though you are growing older?

Did you know –   that by learning new skills, even at a ripe old age, you build new Synapses in your brain?  (they transmit signals between cells). You can never have too many of those.

How Good Is All That..?

Doesn’t that  give you hope that growing older is not as bad as people think?Doesn’t that give you an idea right now to learn something new? There is so much out there.  Go and Find it and Act on it. Follow your Passion and as Nike says “Just Do It” and be Happy for many years to come.

About the author

Tina Blauw

I am a 79-year-old female who started blogging to get my message out to as many women as possible. My main reason for writing is to make you as a women, of sixty and beyond, realise that you probably have another (40) years of living ahead of you. What are you going to do with those years? Some years ago I coined a phrase: “Always be Curious About Life…that Way You’ll Stay Right in It..!” My wish is to impart that into you. I live in outer Melbourne, Australia with my lovely husband whilst our daughter lives on the Gold Coast along with our 2 grown up grandchildren and baby great-grandson.

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