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A bit of Wealth does help your Health, whether we want to admit it or not.

Having Wealth, but Poor Health, might not be such a lucky combination, but having No Wealth and Poor Health would definitely be worse ! No two ways about it!

When you are in pain

When you are not well or you are in daily pain and agony, money could in many cases make you feel a bit more comfortable. Simply because you would be in a better position to allow yourself different forms of treatment. Without that extra cash, that might not be so easy. Especially if you prefer to get the unorthodox type of treatment. Massage, acupuncture, yoga, herbs, healthy organic food, drink, and so on. Not to mention, if you wanted someone to wash your windows, clean your house, do your garden, or cook you a daily meal. A nice holiday could also do you a lot of good. There are so many other things that could help you feel better.

No Problem

Now, when you are wealthy there is no problem acquiring these things, plus a lot more. But when you are not so financial, it’s much more difficult or even impossible.

It Helps Health

So, coming back to the title of this post, Does Wealth Help Good Health, the answer will be a definite, YES – YES – YES…But money doesn’t necessarily make you happy, as happiness is a state of mind, which has not much to do with having money or not.

You see, Money makes life a lot more comfortable and easier. It CANNOT BUY YOU GOOD HEALTH or HAPPINESS, but it surely CAN BUY YOU MORE COMFORT, and that is what everybody is after.

The Message

The message for all Baby Boomers is..While you are still enjoying good health, make sure to create a bit  (or a lot)  of “Wealth Now” to be able to enjoy the rest of your life in COMFORT.

Yes, Yes, easily said, “Create a bit or a lot of Wealth Now”. Everyone would like to do that of course. BUT THAT’S NOT HAPPENING, is it ?

There are Ways..

Yet, even if we don’t know how, at this moment…there are ways of finding out, right? Google is definitely a great start. Begin with typing in a “How To” question. How to write a book, how to blog, how to sell my knitting, how to sell my paintings, how to learn about wines and become an expert, how to learn about the stock market, how to invest. Type in something that you know you are good at or are very interested in. You get my drift. The sky is the limit, simply let your imagination run wild. I will help you with more ideas in a follow-up post.

This is just an example to get your creative juices flowing.

About the author

Tina Blauw

I am a 79-year-old female who started blogging to get my message out to as many women as possible. My main reason for writing is to make you as a women, of sixty and beyond, realise that you probably have another (40) years of living ahead of you. What are you going to do with those years? Some years ago I coined a phrase: “Always be Curious About Life…that Way You’ll Stay Right in It..!” My wish is to impart that into you. I live in outer Melbourne, Australia with my lovely husband whilst our daughter lives on the Gold Coast along with our 2 grown up grandchildren and baby great-grandson.

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