David Attenborough about Global Warming

Action time is now

Legendary natural historian, David Attenborough, has outlined a dire future for the world if climate change is not addressed immediately. It will affect every living creature on this earth. How can we be so blind not to see the repercussions of more drought, wildfires, cyclones and flooding? Global warming will create so much misery in the world, yet some global leaders will not see the urgency of putting measures in place to at least slow it down.
Just imagine, crops destroyed, property and businesses burned or blown to pieces, houses floating away in rivers, not even to mention the loss of lives.

It Will Create Much Unrest

It will create much unrest and most probably more wars. Millions of people will be displaced for any of these reasons and will look for better places or countries to live their lives.
Often they will not be welcomed as the locals have to fight their own battles for survival.

We Can Do Something About It

But as Mr Attenburough said, you can not be a pessimist. You have to believe that we can do something about it. And I think we can, he said.
I believe we can too. Hence, I am so impressed with the worldwide student strike for Climate Change.
Already It has started a new social movement. September 20-27, was genuinely a historic week. More than 4 million school kids and adults were participating in the Global Climate Strike.

Every Individual Can Do Their Little Bit or Significant Bit

  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Volunteer for Cleanups
  • Conserve Water use
  • Choose Sustainable products
  • Shop wisely, Buy less Plastic
  • Plant Trees
  • Don’t use chemicals; they end up in waterways
  • Drive less, Bike more

In turn, we could become members of environmental groups, like:
Greenpeace– ACF Aus. Conservation Foundation– WWF World Wildlife Fund– The Wilderness Society– The Sierra Club– World Nature Organization (WNO)– United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)– International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)– Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)– Global Environment Facility (GEF)– Earth System Governance Project (ESGP)

Talk or Write to The Politicians

The above is only a shortlist of what we can do to help the planet heal.
Another way is talking or writing to politicians, make them understand this subject is what you want to have addressed.

Become Passionate About It

There are still so many of us that don’t seem to get the message. Why is that? Is it ignorance or, is it I don’t care?
Hopefully, it’s ignorance, which means more information is needed.
Such information could come from you and me, from sharing a particular video on the subject on social media. By having conversations about it with friends and acquaintances. By writing, as I am doing right here.

Help Heal The Planet

You, the reader, might come up with lots of different or even better ideas. If that ‘s the case, please act on it immediately. We cannot afford to wait any longer. Solutions are very much needed. It is the inhabitants of this world, to DO SOMETHING about it. They will make the difference and ultimately be part of the healing of our planet earth.

It’s Up To Us, Afterall.!

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