How can Baby Boomers help you to create a better life? Simply, by facilitating  you with useful information. There is such a need for many people to change their financial circumstances. I can’t just sit back and ignore that any longer. The knowledge I have acquired in the last couple of months must be giving a good airing. You deserve a better life, period.! People need Help, they need Advice, they need to know what they CAN DO themselves.! Thousands of people are retrenched every day, they have lost their incomes, life savings, homes, jobs, their everything.

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Anyone who reads this and is in a situation as described above is not interested to read through pages of so-called helpful information. They want to find out what it is they CAN DO to help themselves. And THEY WANT IT NOW..!! And that’s WHY  I have changed the tune of the BBS blog in this category. There will be more help available on this site from now on.


Information, ideas, and plans to help you improve your life are on its way.  You obviously have to do your part, but at least it will make it a lot easier to get started. Some of the ideas I am going to put forward might suit you down to a tee, others might not.


The aim is to show you opportunities and possibilities to improve your financial status. You should not continuously have to scrape your last pennies together to pay a bill. Start living a more interesting and satisfying life. Do something about it. Life is not meant to be so difficult. We DO have control over our lives, although many people don’t believe so. Remember, though, a better lifestyle will not be served to you on a silver platter. You must actively take part in the process of making it happen. If you are willing to do that..there is not just hope, there actually is no limit to what you can achieve.

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I hope you’ll be looking forward to the next post in this category. I’ll endeavour to present you with ideas, possibilities, and opportunities for a better life. In the meantime…You can begin already by believing that you do have control over your life. You really do..!!

(There is even scientific proof for that,  to be discussed in another post in this category)

About the author

Tina Blauw

I am a 79-year-old female who started blogging to get my message out to as many women as possible. My main reason for writing is to make you as a women, of sixty and beyond, realise that you probably have another (40) years of living ahead of you. What are you going to do with those years? Some years ago I coined a phrase: “Always be Curious About Life…that Way You’ll Stay Right in It..!” My wish is to impart that into you. I live in outer Melbourne, Australia with my lovely husband whilst our daughter lives on the Gold Coast along with our 2 grown up grandchildren and baby great-grandson.

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